We grew up in Hollywood, but landed somewhere between the computer screen and the silver screen. Sometimes we hang out in your pocket. We blend analog techniques with digital tools to make something completely unexpected. Our creative teams design for superheroes, predict the future of pre-crime & find life in cinema. The work has led us to some interesting places.



Martian & Sons Kendall Reid /
Elizabeth Steinberg

Musikvergnuegen Walter Werzowa / John Luker

This is Network Nate + / Seri Bryant

Highbridge Media Lab David Simpson / Alexander Dervin /
Kyle Hovenkotter

JuneJuly Kyle Hovenkotter /
Jake Matatyaou

Stunt Unit Eddie Braun / Steve Golebiowski / Kurt Mattila

Live Action Unit Kurt Mattila / Alexander Dervin

Digital Team Onur Stenturk / Alexander Dervin /
Elizabeth Steinberg / David Simpson

Edit Unit Kurt Mattila / Maggie Butte / Avi David

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